Award Nominee’s

After a lot of consideration I am please to announce the nominee’s for our Inaugural Awards Presentation.

The Nominee’s are:

Encouragement Award:

Childrens – Estella Dolheguy, Matilda Speers, Violet Murphy, Zoe Nall, Lameka Vincent, Toby Yee

Juniors – Imogen Crampton, Charlie Alexander, Tia Steele, Saffron Ivan, Kane Williams, Liam Bailey, William Burke

Seniors – Daralee Alexander, Simon Barlow, Ruth Potts, Frederika Yee


Most Improved:

Childrens – Marcello Lonza, Neala Tilbury-Warren, Jaya Santoso, Lameka Vincent

Juniors – Lachlan Robertson, Kane Williams, Liam Bailey, Imogen Crampton, Tia Steele

Seniors – Frederika Yee, Ruth Potts



Juniors – Lachlan Robertson, Imogen Crampton, Saffron Ivan, Tia Steele, Kate Alexander

Seniors – Ruth Potts, Frederika Yee, Emily Yee


Congratulations to all the nominee’s and students, it wasn’t easy coming up the list, there were so many deserving students.

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