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We Live To Help Train You

The Northern Rivers Shukokai Karate Dojo was formed by Stan Harris & Barry Potts in October 2003, after Stan moved from Canberra to Alstonville.
Both Stan and Barry were students of Richard Harris as members of the Act Shukokai Karate Dojo, which was formed when Richard and Barry started training at work in the staff room at lunchtimes.

Barry moved from Canberra to Lismore in August 1994 as a 4th Kyu Purple Belt, and briefly trained with one of the local Karate dojo’s until work and family commitments took a higher priority. After several years of no training, Barry called Richard to see if there was a style that he could train with, yet maintain his connection with Shukokai. During this phone call, Barry was informed that Stan had just relocated to Alstonville and was now a Black belt (Shodan-Ho).

After a quick call to Stan, Barry and Stan started training in Stan’s garage and when weather permitted, in Barry’s carport. Not long after, they started training at the Goonellabah Community Centre on Oliver Ave and the club grew from that point on.

One of the new members, David Webber showed much skill and dedication and quickly rose through the grades and is now Co-Instructor with Barry.


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